The teen connection

Well hello this letter is to be used as a Page in and of course has been inspired by three beautiful teenagers from Davao in the Philippines. They had no idea about this page of course but we met in the street and they were friendly. I offered them a card and they declined naturally but then I explained about the book for teens series and that was the card I gave them. So they must have gone away and talked about the card or me but Then I received three individual invitations to their church meeting on my Facebook page. These girls are christians and active members of their church. This is wonderful that the three were all active and involved in doing the work of God. So why was this meeting and subsequent action so special?

Well ours is also the work of God and so far we have very few helpers. Do you believe this story? God put us on this earth and gave us food and a metabolism which keeps us healthy and beautiful. The world has changed since then and now greed is rampant so who makes all the money? The food industry of course and the drug industry. So Cezile came with us while there was a movie on at the church and I had time to tell her a story about a message from God. The message involved four separate but connected occasions where I was also accidentally introduced to four beautiful girls, average age 20, Each was critically unwell and had obviously fallen sick during their teenage years. I was able to help them a little at the time but in the western world that four girls has now grown to something like 50% of girls whose health declines during their teens. Boys are not much better but girls are more at risk because of the powerful hormone role as mothers and carers for the family.

The blossoming fast food industry combines greed and ingredients which are no longer God’s food to make big profits at the expense of our health and it gets worse every year. Then they gave Otto Warburg a Nobel prize 50 years ago for telling us that cancer was caused by the move away from God’s food and that the remedy was again to be found in God’s food. But the industry found there was no money to be made in that information so have spent trillions of dollars of other peoples money trying to prove Otto was wrong. They did not prove he was wrong but buried his message under a big pile of lies and deceit.

So what is the significance of our meeting?? Well as a student of natural health, of the foods and medicines which God did put on the earth and God’s perfect design of the human body for continuous self healing, I have realised that information is the world problem. And just as the churches need to get the message out, so do we. Otherwise just like the girls in the messages, millions of teenagers worldwide amongst others will share only misery and affliction, not knowing that God has already given them the answers. The answers are in the bible.

So the next step is a series of websites for teenagers which will allow and encourage regular communication on many subjects which interest them. The sites will include a gentle but regular flow of specific information about what God has given us. And of course the teens is where the information needs to be available while the thirst for knowledge abounds and the interests of the following lifetime are established.

I know Cezile understood what I had to say and will pass the message on to the others. I know they are enthusiastic because when Elna and I arrived at the church they came running out to welcome us with a hug or two and even a tear of happiness. These three girls, Cezile, Mercymhore and Geraldine are alive and vibrant and keen to make a difference in the world. I appreciate them and thank them and I am sure the world will as well.

Oh and since then Alyn May has sent a message of welcome. Some nights when I say goodnight to God I feel blessed beyond my wildest dreams.


This special letter is written to the four girls and now it is a plea for help! I have been working as a healer based on the many lessons from life which I call God’s lessons. I spoke to Cezille about one particular set of lessons and there are hundreds. Today tuesday I do another helpful treatment on a 27 year old mother of three and her sister is a 19 year old teenager. The mother was seriously sick four months ago when I met her and was unable to do anything including caring for her children. She has at least regained that ability.
It is not me that is doing this work! I am the one that uses my hands but the healing comes from above and I have been taught by these many lessons what to do to get people’s bodies healing themselves as God has enabled in their design. As I do it I see thousands of other teens and young people who need help now or face years of misery and inability.

All we need is a group of helpers being teens, who really do not have to do anything except provide support and welcomes within a website which we are building. The background purpose of the website is to spread the information which I am being given to teens around the world about what is healthy and what is causing disease. The websites themselves will function as communication platforms for teens with specific interests.

Letter 3

The story of creation is a very beautiful one and however it came about it left us with everything we need in the final analysis. A detailed study shows that in each area where life has been sustained there is available not only the foods but also the medicines and the joys of life. The human race is very different to all the other species having free will, extensive intelligence and advanced ability to use the body in many creative movements, while being very similar in chemical makeup. So for the purpose of this lesson I have called what is available to us, God’s gifts.

Today’s city slicker visiting the arctic, the Amazon jungle and the desert fringes in Australia will soon no means of survival, while the original inhabitants will live and enjoy full and healthy lives right there. They found the foods and the medicines and even life’s little comforts for thousands of years and around the world were healthy, active and productive. There were always the odd disaster and disruption but life went on, the wounds were patched and the species homo sapiens moved on. God was not always pleased as he had given us everything and we abused our gifts and our purpose.

The industrial revolution created many wonderful innovations for us to enjoy life even more but also gave us more opportunity to practice greed and individualism, moving away from God and his gifts. Lets have a quick look at what we had. Families stayed together in love and security. Foods were natural and as designed perfect for our growth and health, medicines were everywhere. Activities were purposeful and constant. The roles of women and men were clear and developed allowing them to enjoy their specific gifts. Ok there were imperfections!

Now in the developed world families often are in disarray. The foods we get at the supermarket bear almost no resemblance to Gods gifts and medicines today are nowhere near as good as the ones which we call weeds in the garden. Fact is of course, everything is still there! Well most of it anyway. Real food is fruit and vegetables and meat or fish, eaten raw or with a little cooking.
So a simple method of staying healthy is to only buy what was available 150 years ago. Then God had something to do with it. Man has processed foods to make them last longer on the supermarket shelves and added sugar to 80% of products to increase addiction. Sugar is addictive and dangerous to eat and the modern diet includes an average of 40 teaspoons per day. Strangely enough God’s gift sugarcane has a very healthy juice if consumed fresh!

In most cases it does not matter until you get sick and believe me God did not want us to be sick. To praise the Lord, befriend him and spread the word, we need to be healthy! God does not create imperfections! The design of the human body is perfect. Everything works in harmony to create a healthy and regenerative specimen. Today if part of the body gets diseased they take it out and throw it away or put in another from a dead body. Laying on of hands was God’s way of healing and a study of the natural body reveals that the human body is designed for this healing method in various forms. Always ask yourself “would God do it this way?” and if the answer is no then forget it!!

This message will create questions mostly about the specifics of what has been said. So go ahead and ask the questions!

Teens and health

So why would we wish to involve teens in the healing process? This question can generally be answered by asking the teen to look around them. Some of your friends are handsome or beautiful as the case may be. Athletic and intelligent as well. Others may have a different combination of attributes and some are overweight and covered in pimples. They are all God’s loved ones. Now it is a long established fact that teens are sensitive. Sensitive to reactions and obvious preferences of other teens and also sensitive to the imperfections in others which they could help with. Teens are generous and caring even though it does not always show. A common heritage.

So it is conceivable that even on a daily basis teens will come into contact with other teens who are disadvantaged in some way and will wish to help. Most of the disadvantaged teens do not eat well! Sorry that is a fact and so they have drawn away from God’s food in favour of the more processed foods. There is no simple formula but God did provide foods for everyone to grow and flourish in perfect health. So ill health manifests in such obvious things as pimples, weight gain and lack of energy or even lack of steady learning capacity. Some serious cases exist as well But once again they are food related. So a person is deficient in one or more of the range of nutrients that God provided in natural foods. People are never deficient in pills.

Some ailments are easy to fix with just a minor adjustment in the diet. So as well as knowing the value of our relationship with the Lord it is good for teens to know about the nutrients in God’s food and the effects of becoming deficient in them.

Helping another teen is often a sacrifice, it is often dangerous and we accept that but also helping can take a few seconds in safe, secure circumstances just by passing on a little knowledge. Making a suggestion and sometimes mentoring that person through the difficult moments. What teenager would not do that? Well maybe a few but then they also need help. So one of the clear intentions of the websites is to encourage mentoring.

More questions? Love to hear them!

There is more to following the Lord!

Jesus was active in helping the sick and afflicted often helping those in the most need. Good christians do the same so here are some explanations about how it can be done!

Here we are again and it is wonderful that you are reading this letter. Only teenagers have been invited. And this letter concerns messages about healing from the bible and from life. We all know someone who is sick or even disabled and it is disturbing to teenagers as much or even more than it is to others. Teenagers are helpful and caring even the noisier ones.

So there are a few ways for the less affluent to get over sickness and disability. The first is a miracle and if you are a christian you have read stories about miracles. They are exciting and wonderful occurrences which happen in rare situations where God is clearly involved. The next of course is medical and progress is being made to help the sufferers but there are still many diseases and conditions which they can only service with pills. The sufferer does not get better and so these are the diseases we are talking about. Finally there is the natural method. The natural method is a collection of methods which we call God’s gifts.

Before a hundred years ago there were really only God;s gifts. We ate the foods he planted on this earth for us and even the medicines although we rarely got sick because the foods were so nutritious. Now the teens go to school and see an ever increasing number of other students suffering from one ailment or another. Many of the ailments are simply reversed by a change in diet for a few weeks, others need a little longer and involve some form of natural treatment. These can often be done in the home as they are designed for the maintenance of human health. All of this has been given us by God in his benevolence so that we should be healthy and happy on this earth.

Thanks for reading this article. And maybe you will help just a little in passing on the information. The bookforteen series is written just for teens and will be run by teenagers very soon. The first one out is and many others will follow. They provide a facility for teens to communicate around the world about different topics. And of course you guessed it, there is some information about God’s gifts on every site.