The Healing

 The healing aspect of this life again has been fascinating with as many unexpected twists and turns as any hollywood thriller and genuine emotional thrills as well. Smiling and crying is allowed in fact expected. Hundreds of stories will be told over the next years but some of the best are hidden away in an Ebook “the healer’s story”  If you join the premium membership it is the bonus which you will receive after joining. 

But to wet your appetite for healing stories is this classic. I was in Perth to visit my children and of course in our family there is action and excitement. A shopping trip to one of the big Supermarket complexes close to the centre of Perth had nearly been concluded when exiting down an escalator I heard an almighty scream. It was Debbie, a wonderful, beautiful and athletic mother of 10. She was in Perth from new Zealand for two weeks and I was there from Brisbane for three weeks. I know you will say coincidence but it happened because there was more healing to be done. I had worked on Debbie some years before. She gave me a huge hug and so did her daughter. She was staying at her sister’s house to the North of Perth. 

I called in there a few days later. A cup of tea and a treatment or two. Debbie lined up first then her daughter, Mother, sister and so on. Then when I thought I was finished they bought out her niece a sweet little eight year old with a terrible dose of ECZEMA. She had it for six years and the doctors had tried every pill and potion in the books. Approximately fifty open sores at a time. On her back, arms and legs. So her remembered life was painful and soul destroying. At night she was put in a straight jacket so she would not scratch herself to death. 

I thought it was unlikely that a single treatment wiuld make much difference. But with mother and grandmother holding down this frightened and very sensitive child, I did what I could. 

Using a blend of suitable methods I felt good when the treatment was complete. I stayed a little while and when I left this sweet child gave me one of the best hugs of my life.

A week later the mother bought her for a second treatment where I was staying at my son’s house. The open sores had mostly gone away leaving only one bad one. First time in six years she was living a relatively comfortable life. She jumped up on the massage table enthusiastically and laid there quietly while I repeated the treatment. What a difference!! 

I did not hear anymore about it until about six weeks later when I received a thank you email from her mother. She called me an angel, something no one else has ever done. That email gave me such a great adrenaline rush. 

Now that is healing although detailed studies have made clear the reasons and logic involved. two half hour treatments when all the doctors and specialists have been unable to achieve any improvement for six years!. 


We are breaking the news to the world about the betrayal of the people in the field of health. For 60 years we have been hoodwinked and brainwashed about the value of our western healthcare systems. Of course it has turned out to be a sickness management system. Now you all read the story above and of course that is a telltale sample of what we hope will be the future of health. Now I asked myself for years what was the key to that healing? There was a common link in all those miraculous type healing that I was lucky enough to be involved in. And of course they are still happening. The link was the thyroid and so it went to the top of my study list for the last years. Any way this last few months has finally bought the whole story back to life and into front page stuff if all the media was not so firmly controlled by the big moneyed interests.
Harvard has come up with a couple of research papers which confirm that every time we eat certain glutens they tear at the lining of the gut and then another paper confirming that the gluten sensitivity common to westerners can be transferred to less injurious glutens such as rice if regular ingestion of the popular western glutens is followed for a period of time. This has been grouped with other surfacing papers confirming that only around 2% of genetic expression is from totally genetic factors and the rest is epigenetic in cause.
So my background in healing has evolved over 25 years of studies and messages in the form of hundreds of accidental meetings and attendances at training of various types.