The Book

The book is the biggest thing to happen in natural health for decades because it is the first to reveal everything about women’s health and beauty that has been hidden for well over sixty years. Lets have a look at what is revealed!

Revealed 1 60 years ago when I was at school there were very few overweight children and when a child was overweight the doctor told them it was a thyroid condition. Then all of a sudden this commonly true diagnosis disappeared. Now some doctors are seeing the light!

Revealed 2 60 years ago butter, animal fats, olive oils, avocado, nuts were looked upon as healthy food and naturally enough the heart was the biggest cause of death. people have to die from something when they get old. So the information was twisted to begin the low fat decades. The answer to ill health or was it? Statistics show that poor health has worsened more in those decades than any time in history! Now we find that the margarine, vegetable oils and low fat foods are half the problem and causing the thyroid to slump in performance.

Revealed 3 60 years ago the doctors treated the thyroid, now most of the time they give HRT to adjust the hormones but do nothing for the thyroid, They do not regard it as having much importance, while in fact it has hundreds of functions in a healthy body.

Revealed 4 Now a very few health workers know that many of the diseases that women get to upset their beauty and health are actually symptoms of thyroid disease because they need a healthy thyroid to heal. Treating them any other way is just stuffing money in the till without providing any viable service to the patients.

Revealed 5 Now we reveal that it is relatively easy to restore the thyroid to a much higher level function so most of the symptom diseases will get better and when they are affecting the beauty of a lady the lady has every chance to become radiant!

Revealed 6 The book gives a full program to allow thyroid sufferers to restore their own thyroid using nutrition, a few natural health treatments and a few supplements over a period often shorter than two months depending on their range of conditions.

It is estimated that 450 million women around the world suffer from thyroid malfunction and this is the only book which tells it all! is the name of the website and is the name of the book!
Written by johnthesailor after twenty five years of study and experience.