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The healthybody connection is partly a payback for a healthy, happy and exciting life so far and a clear recognition that the world is in a mess with not one but many diseases reaching over the 50% mark in many countries. We will not waste time here detailing this widely known phenomena. Around the world there are a number of individuals and groups promoting and supporting the natural health alternative but there is still a massive need for real health understanding. The conventional medical approach is not too bad for the wealthy but the rest have very low rates of survival and no chance of a cure for any of the major disease. 

Healthybodychurch was established eight years ago. It is not a traditional church but reflects that nutrition in each area that humans inhabit is adequate for life and health. So the connection is with creation for christians or evolution for others. Not only was food adequate but also the natural medicines were appropriate. No side effects and cures were the norm. Today the word “cure” is banned in relation to many diseases. So does it mean that we are stuck with sickness and many times for all of life. There is an alternative and natural health is the choice and it needs to get exposure. Many times the healing is complicated and time consuming but the result is what matters.

There are many aspects of health which need attention including growth with nutrition right through to the natural treatments for which the human body is designed.

So healthybodychurch and healthybodyclub have a role to fill in providing free information about all aspects of natural health. The information is provided as study information so users can add further study and make their own decisions based on understanding. There are now many websites in various stages of construction which will eventually cover this wide information field. 

Most of the websites have a mentoring function so once a decision is made by the sufferer, they can be mentored throught the appropriate disease reversal process. The fees are very small and anyone who cannot afford the fee can apply for extension of services in the free membership area.

Advertisers are now invited to display beneficial products on the sites and again the fees are small. At some stage it is intended to sell a 50% share in almost all of the sites as they do need regular attention to maintain their positions on the search engines. This attention is obviously best completed by a part owner.


Many of you are beautiful ladies who have joined as members and are still looking and part of your secret little problem is confidence, beauty and charisma! We are not criticising but we go ahead now to offer the only publicised solution to every women’s every health and beauty problem worldwide!! Wow now that is a very bold statement but it is true and you will have to be patient to understand the scope and genuine care we have put into assembling this free program available to members of
Yes it is necessary to tell you the background despite the risk of boring you and having you leave but you can go straight to chapter 3 and learn about the program if you like. This chapter gives the background and the second chapter goes through the technical explanations and stories which prove our research and study is the only program worldwide to benefit almost all women and certainly all the beautiful ones we will find in our membership. For the men some similar benefits and of course a host of beautiful women to choose from on these pages!! 
For those of you who are left here is the background

What has healing got to do with dating well nothing and everything. But on this site everything because we are here for the healthy applicants and if you are not healthy we are happy to help you get healthy. The western medical system and its influenced sickness management institutions in almost every country has deprived the peoples of the world of the old fashioned jioe de vivre at earlier and earlier ages. So our expected clientele 30 and over are already succumbing to the will of the moneymakers with minor ailments which require regular medication! There are ten thousand minor ailments and two hundred serious ones. You begin to lose energy, charisma, athletic energy and self confidence! Ok just a little but that is where it all starts. Our clients still expect to be alive, healthy, sexy, energetic and alert.

Lets tune into the problem and understand that the human race has been betrayed by the moneyed interests for 60 years with false and misleading information going right down to the nutritional food pyramids published by almost every government in the world. Change is coming but don’t hold your breath! Mr Putin, Russian President, says “We as a species have the choice to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a healthy upward trajectory, or we can follow the Western example of recent decades and intentionally poison our population with genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations and fast food that should be classified as a dangerous addictive drug” and the upshot of that is that current statistics confirm that 2032 will be the year that nobody can work anymore in the USA because the 60% of people who carry a disease now will be bedridden and 20% of the people will have to look after them leaving the too old and too young to run the country, produce the food and manufacture stuff!!

If we go with the system we will have to close the doors for lack of healthy people! So we chose proactive solution for those who wish to follow. The above problem has a number of factors. The first is nutrition and the average nutritional intake is low to nonexistent compared to what is necessary for good health! The second is obviously pollution including the 82 thousand chemicals we have to dodge during our lifetimes, cosmetics and radiation from all the high tech gadgets and finally stress!

Now lets look at the healing. The world has nutritional foods available and we can consciously reduce pollution and radiation in various ways which are survivable. What we need is the information so we know what to do and then the dedication to carry it out. On top of that we have some short cuts which we are happy to share with our members, including herbal and plant based supplements and some natural therapies which will trigger a faster healing.

So what we are doing is asking the body to heal itself really. And our understanding is that the human body is capable of this task with just a little assistance. Needless to say we have studied the type of assistance it needs and again that information will be available. Then we have studied for the last 25 years the path that most disease takes to rob the body of its health and again that information is necessary. For example say one of us gets a case of breast, prostate or ovarian cancer we will know that the thyroid is the top of the list of causes and moving down the line we will know what has caused the thyroid to be unable to do its job in the first place. This means that we can throw all our resources at repairing that little list of disasters and the breast problem will go away. There is a strong logic in doing it this way compared to throwing chemotherapy, radiation and surgery at the patient, all of which further damage the body and allow for reoccurrences due to the fact that the cause is not rectified. This is why statistically only one out of five cancer patients will live over five years and the quality of life in that time is abysmal. Also many procedures have a nasty effect on the beauty of the patient and in turn their moods, confidence and charisma.

Ok so the natural healing also has a number of factors to think about. We mentioned nutrition and it is a fact again that all sickness comes from the food we eat! Now some of you will say but what about pollution but if we ate the right foods the detoxification capacity of our bodies would handle the toxins, We are obviously not including ridiculous cases such as workers on some highly toxic mines and plantations or aircraft maintenance technicians, Some of these jobs reduce the life expectancy by as much as 30%. living in a city, any city! is highly toxic and has begun to impact the human population by bringing about the first shorter generation lifetime for 100 years. The good doctors had actually had an impact on life expectancy through reducing dramatically the child mortality rate plus effectively kept people alive through surgery and good old hospital care! From here on it is going down only for many reasons. Another statistic which is a heart breaker for the retirees is that in the western countries some have a pension cutting in at 65. Life expectancy has been nearly 75 but the average citizen spends the last 18 years of their lives combatting a debilitating disease!

Again some will say that the brain is responsible and that the use of mind over matter techniques can conquer all scenarios. Well Brandon Bays tried that and she was one of Anthony’s key speakers. But she admitted in her book that it was necessary to go back to nutrition to close the deal on a non-malignant tumour. So again it has been established that the brain needs higher nutrition than the rest of the body using some 15% of our energy after digestion uses up to 60% depending on what we are eating. This means clearly that the brain needs to be fed properly or it does not function well at all and if your problem is thyroid the brain can be badly affected long before you or anyone else realises it.

Here we will mention the thyroid and its part in the path to disease as well as its role in the path to health. One of our big problems today is gluten and Harvard university has released research papers over the last year (2016) confirming that every time certain glutens go through the digestion they tear at the lining of the gut. Now this in itself is not a major disaster because the body has a powerful regeneration capacity and repairs the damage within hours of it happening. But of course what happens when the body sinks to a low for some other reason or is injured, wounded or infected. Then that regeneration capacity is delayed and alien particles sneak through the stomach lining into the body. Then the immune system goes into action to kill the intruders and set up barriers to contain them or stop them. Now this happens in everybody depending on the specific gluten consumption. In some like coeliacs it creates a rapid and uncomfortable reaction. Others don’t notice it until accumulated damage causes symptoms which are now labeled as diseases and there are pills with side effects made for the job of eliminating the symptoms of that new disease! One of the most serious effects of autoimmune reaction is the attack on oestrogen in our systems because so many of the particles include oestrogen mimicking substances.
These substances are more a part of the modern lifestyle than of whole foods consumption. The bottom line is that the thyroid is involved at this point and pushed to its limit. Various things can happen because the pressure from other directions has to be factored in such as pollution and radiation from electronic devices or even stress. So we are now at the point where we know the thyroid can be caused to overwork or underwork according to the negative epigenetic stimulus! Now we come to a point where many of you will say its genetic and so there is nothing we can do about it. True genetics is a fingerprint of information on each cell in the body. It is evolutionary, which means it changes slowly over thousands of years. The genetics doctors use as an excuse for the inability to cure disease seems to change from generation to generation. So fact is it is not true genetics but epigenetics which is the effect of those influencing factors we were discussing. And recent university studies from Stamford have confirmed that genetic expression today is 2% true genetics and 98% epigenetics! So we can change that factor almost completely. So now we know that the thyroid is generally epigenetically effected, we also know that we can effect repairs firstly by changing those influencing factors such as food and reduction of pollution and radiation. Food is very powerful as we found out earlier in the discussion about gluten and its effects but we also know that sugar, trans fats and food colourings and additives are dangerous to our health!

Again we get the comment from the TV brigade which says everything in moderation and while we believe that can be the case in the maintenance of a functional body it is definitely not the case when the body becomes diseased and this is another reason the good doctors achieve very little and for them it is better to fix the symptoms and keep the patients happy! When the body is diseased we need to detoxify it which means very strict adherence to the necessary diet for periods ranging from one week to three months. So we just lost another group but thats life! Supplements can help at this point and sometimes even play an important part in the cure of serious disease. These can include so called superfoods with high nutritional patterns, herbal teas and food supplements, minerals and vitamins! There are a number of nominated supplements for the benefit of thyroid including iodine and vitamin D. Strangely the thyroid is then easy to fix so probably has a fast regeneration of cells compared to some of the organs but there are catches. Some have had body parts removed and others have taken antibiotics which block the digestion of some of the most important regenerative foods including leafy greens. In many cases some natural testing has to be done which will give us the clues as to what needs to be done to overcome these setbacks.

Now we have some really good news and this is the news that no one else with thyroid understanding like this has available or is free to publish. Because of our 25 years of additional studies in natural health we have identified some modalities which work very well! We call these trigger mechanisms in the world of health and there are triggers which apply to the acquisition of ailments as well as the reversal of ailments. Many of the natural health modalities come into this category including chiropractic in the right place at the right time. We have done an extensive study of this factor and believe that we can incorporate different modalities into almost every healing we are involved in.

We are nearly done with background information and the necessary studies involved we will now be getting back to the established nutrition as part of the problem. The background study was intense because almost all the information about food in the media is misinformation and part of the betrayal we are discussing. It is further complicated by the fact that everyone is different! It is necessary to test most foods individually and then of course as we go there will be observance of all results. Foods are established over hundreds of years but they still have a nutritional stamp in their natural state which benefits some more than others. One of the important notes we have made is that the climate has an effect as well. For example eskimos live an active and healthy life on fat as their main food source, while the islanders from the equator ate fruits and fish for years with a few vegetables and mostly raw. Cooking in general depletes the micronutrient spectrum from the diet and a percentage of raw foods should be a conscious choice. Asians lived on rice and little meat with some vegetables for thousands of years and now the blossoming wheat and sugar product industries are impacting with fast forward weight gain and health issues. It is pretty exciting for the Sumo wrestling enthusiast!! Once again Harvard have come to the rescue with a paper explaining the transfer of gluten sensitivity from the wheat base to the traditional rice. So the introduced glutens are causing a great deal of trouble. Now nobody knows this and it will never be published because of the moneyed interests in those industries. So the Asians just have to suffer unless they are lucky. In some areas weight gain and erupting skin are common in up to 50% of young ladies and also many Asian skin types do not take the eruptions lightly and the faces are often disfigured for life!!

Chapter two

The nutritional information is very individual but as we said strict otherwise you are wasting your time and ours! A couple of notes there and one of course is that if you do become dedicated then you will feel great in a short time and you can go back to the same old lifestyle if you wish. Fact is the rejuvenation will give you many years of health under normal circumstances and then you need to do the same detox over! A good idea is just to tell the friends and relatives that the doctor thinks you are coeliac and so you have a list of things which will bring about a reaction and spoil your fun if you eat them! Even small amounts. That gets you over one small hurdle.

For the rest there is a list of foods to avoid completely and a list of new ones to adopt for most people. it is easier if you understand that there are people who are on these diets permanently because they want to stay healthy and need the energy for sport or something else! There are plenty of delicious recipes around now which highlight the healthy foods diet and there are people who start from necessity and never go back!. Taste is not normally an issue as the new diet will be at least as tasty as the old one and you have just removed the junk. You can eat similar amounts so there is no starvation! If you wish you can get really carried away and produce some exotic dishes like the raw chocolate torte! This is the richest most delicious cake I have ever eaten and is more of a vitamin pill than a cake while its traditional equivalent is one of the worst things you can eat! There are a few established diets which are healthy for their participants Paleo, Ketogenic and predominantly raw Vegan are three of them which tend to suit different types of people. More information on that later!

One of the necessities is to eat a higher portion of raw foods than you have done and so the humble salad is a must along with green smoothies and the occasional vegetable juice. If your thyroid has gone out in sympathy with your liver then a liver detox might be necessary and is much more rigid but again a couple of weeks will get you back on track. That requires a number of vegetable juices each day. But these are serious ailments and can end your life if neglected. The medical practice is often transplant because there is plenty of money in that. But there is also a school of thought against the receiving of another persons parts because you inherit a part of them! The medical people are not good at reversal of serious conditions while the natural health fraternity have an answer for all of these problems. The big thing is finding the one who has the right answers! We have been through the years of depressions and abundance and 2017 is the year when you need to take back the responsibility for your own health. It does mean studying and understanding but for the most part it is now the only way to get the best out of life. otherwise you join the system where sickness is managed and life is a doctors visit or a television set.

chapter THREE

The healing program. Now the healing program is FREE anyway if you join it comes as a monthly email and takes six months to get through the program and you can start again as often as you like. If anyone prefers the services of a mentor there is a membership for that and for someone with real problems still wishing to use this program, it is possible to visit our health retreat. This really just suits the person with serious thyroid problems and many health issues as a result. For example chronic fatigue. skin problems and erratic menstruation with weight control issues. All this can be eliminated within one month! and the weight will stabilise at the correct level for your body type. We know that certain weights are preferred but there is also a serious logic to that. If the body has been pushed by epigenetic factors for ten or twenty years then a certain bone structure is more likely to have been adopted by the body and changing that takes time as bone cells replicate over many months not weeks and days like much of our soft tissue. A month at the retreat can give ten years of healthy life or more before the body needs another service! Servicing the body sounds rather uncouth but with the growing pressures on the food chain and conditions under which we have to live it is a practical solution. Allowing the body to decline does not give us quality of life! Ever! But it happens for all city folk and travellers at least. In fact this generation is the first for over 100 years that will live shorter lives than their forebears. We used to be able to just go away to a nice retreat in the country but now need much more than that. Especially the girls because the pressure on the body from oestrogen mimicking chemicals is everywhere.

Ok thats enough information before we all go into overload. It is all available here in the membership program or you can just join to meet someone nice!

Cheers from Admin!