God’s Food


This is one of the biggest issues today but particularly for those who are christians or for that matter worship any God within any religion.


The bible and most religious literature from anywhere explains the creation or evolution of man in the image of God. God is wonderfully benevolent and never likely to burden the worshipers with ailments or imperfections. So where do they come from? The answer is obviously food and a few other things which we will discuss later!. From the moment of conception the foetus begins to feed and growth factors follow the DNA or genes of the father and mother. If the parents are perfectly healthy the delivered baby should also be perfectly healthy and then its life will depend on the food it eats.

Humans are the only species which cooks its food. We are much more intelligent than all the other species on this earth and much less healthy. The developed countries for example would be lucky to score 4 out of 10 for health while a polar bear or african elephant or even the humble cockroach would score 10 out of 10 for most of its life. The variation comes when man’s influence is evident or extremes of climate! In addition the digestive system of man is halfway between herbivore and carnivores of the closer related species. So what does all this mean. Logically it is pretty obvious that we are doing many things wrong but because we are brainwashed by the media which needs to sell product to survive, we will always answer that we are doing well and our depletion in health is due to outside factors and DNA.

Functional doctors around the world do exist although there are only a few hundred of them and they have to stay commercial to survive. They all say that we need to go back 100 years in our food preferences if we wish to become healthy again as a race. Positive connections have been made between all ailments and epigenetics, which is the study of the influence of our lifestyle on our health. Where DNA and genes are used as an excuse it is again often established that the parents health is found wanting and carried on through the generations because we all eat the same foods at the same table or at least used to before 900 mm plasma screens. In many cases the brain is blamed as it must be all in the mind. Admitted the brain is very powerful but it needs more nutrition than the rest of the body to function at that powerful level.

So the bottom line here is that the body was perfect in design and we have messed it up ourselves. Perfect foods have been provided in all climates which are inhabited and the natural pharmacy contains every conceivable cure for every disease anyway. In addition each body has autoimmune, digestive, circulatory, meridian systems and frequency patterns which regenerate damaged tissue and organs as well as constantly servicing our bodies. the human body was designed by God to be healthy. But we now go to church to beg for health rather than to praise the lord! So we plan to work diligently in the future to rectify this situation largely with free and genuine information available to teens and adults. If you understand this you are welcome to support us in this role by becoming a member or a supporting member. Even more importantly you may be able to provide some input. We have the plan and our studies and trials over 20 years have given us a general direction but we do not know or understand everything. We need help from you to make this resource helpful to the maximum number of people.