The book is a very important step into the world of published healing, THYROIDBOOK.NET is just available now as at 12th of May 2017 in its final edited form. It explains many things in direct laymans language with enough anecdotal evidence to back up the logic of the discussion and the healing program.

It is the only thyroid healing program in publication anywhere in the world which can bring about large scale reversal of all thyroid related conditions if followed with a reasonable degree of dedication. The program is inexpensive and enjoyablem to follow.

Recent published blog, papers, videos and webinars by the functional doctors from around the world have confirmed that there are around 450 million female sufferers of thyroid disease in the world. They also confirm that the disease is epigenetic in cause and that miniscule amounts of genetic predisposition are involved. So all the genetic hocus pocus is removed except in discussion with the rank and file GPs of the world. Furthermore the medical profession have very little in the way of answers except removal or non removal and a very basic range of HRT medications which suit a small section of the market and come with a significant array of side effects. HRT also does not replace the caring and regenative roles of a fully functional thyroid and so is a keep you going medication. Without the funct6ional thyroid a woman can never be radiant or exciting let alone feel that way. So a fully natural program is the only way to bring radiance into the life of a woman and this is their heritage!

The book lists the causes, the nutritional and supplementary changes necessary to eliminate the disease and a range of treatments which will fast track the whole process.

So give it a try as it has come from 25 years of experience as a healer!!