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This is such an exciting time. Preparing information for this website. Life has been rewarding and exciting for the most part and time has come to give back something. Having reached a respectable age, one of my interests is now the balance in taking and giving through life. I would like to get all philosophical but you would all get bored and go away after the first hundred pages or maybe even the first half a page! I guess my thoughts these days turn often to the younger generations or the children and the guidance and understanding necessary to get them through to adulthood in a fit and healthy state. So what are you in for now you have landed on these pages?

The sailing pages are interesting and exciting as adventure unfolds abundantly. Not a lot of sea time but packed everything into it. Certainly enough to want to go back if the opportunity knocks. It was challenging, dangerous and totally exciting and makes good reading. Maybe I will get back to the sea again and if I have kept your interest you will wish to be joining me. Tackling the seas with a few years stacked together is a challenge requiring a sound body and mind.

The healing pages again include a rare mix of surprise, excitement and even disbelief. Occurrences which are totally the reverse of the expectations of today as far as actual healing is concerned. Events which could disprove much of the training and information we have been given about disease and sickness and it is interesting to note that just one of many of my life’s experiences make a mockery of the word incurable. And of course there is more to come in the future. Travelling parts of the world provides day to day experiences in meeting those with sickness and health, providing daily opportunities at healing and savouring the exhilaration of dramatic and positive results day after day. What a wonderful experience which you will find mostly in the pages of thehealersstory.com

The latest page comes from the recent climbing of Mt Apo in the Philippines which was a distinct challenge for the 73 year old body when all the other climbers were less than forty and most less than thirty. Challenges continue to arise and tempt and also this puts a little pressure on the state of health which is a driving force but hard to push in some of the less affluent countries where the daily diet is lacking nutrients.

The plans for the future and the visions of providing not just caring but actual healing for others with afflictions. Look around you and like me you will visit many places where everybody discusses their sickness. This work is necessary and I understand the direction to follow. You will think me a dreamer and to some extent you are right but the intention and at least some of the resources are set in concrete.
The immediate future is set and Davao Philippines has been selected, where I will do healing equivalent to what I have done in the past. The intention is to concentrate on ailments I have had dramatic improvements with while building up a list of special ailments which are very responsive to our treatment programs. So the first year will be taken up with training of three to five staff in suitable surroundings with a cross-section of healing and digital recording/documenting skills. In this time locals will be able to avail themselves of the free care and healing if they fit the criteria. Case progress will be documented extensively for future reference.

Then there is an exciting new section for teenagers and this is closely connected with the latest obvious need for a God’s food program. Teenagers are the future generation and were always at a healthy and exuberant stage in life while now many are showing the first signs of body deterioration. So where does God’s food come in? Well it is obviously a direct reference to the failure of supermarket and many fast food retailers to provide nutritional foods. The foods which came with creation or evolution and were in existence 120 years ago had nutritional patterns which were acceptable for growth and maintenance of health. Regenerating from sickness or injury always needed a little more from concentrated nutrition. So God’s food is a knee jerk reaction to the obvious denial or avoidance with which health issues are treated in most churches and places of worship. It is understanding that the emphasis is on prayer but in practical reality miracles are few and far between. While sick people make up 50% of populations and congregations statistically. God has created mankind in his image. That is perfect! And so deterioration has occurred mostly through the food chain and now we can add in pollution from chemicals, prescription drugs and radiated frequencies. So the discussion is picked up on the God’s food page. And then the teenage connection is where we need to draw the understanding from which will eventually balance out the misunderstandings and misinformation. Lets push on with this so let us know if you are in agreement or at least let us answer your questions!

Finally some philosophical muses about life and happiness within relationships. Was never very good at that going on the stories but one needs to keep learning and keep an open mind. Maybe it takes a lifetime to learn what is needed to succeed in life. And maybe circumstances affect our directions in life. As you saw in “The Secret” we have a degree of control which can become familiar to us in time.



We have committed ourselves to a major project for the future including what we call a Call Centre for the natural health industry in Australia first. The industry needs the opportunity to promote more for less which can only be done with more connection. It also needs a lift in the available quality and coordination of promotions which again needs a wider range of services to the client and methods of achieving this for the NH business. The plan includes all possible promotional methods including a training college for all those looking to employment in the NH industry. Online and live in facilities are now available. Then an industry wide customer loyalty program probably including processing through a new and vibrant cryptocurrency program. Yes progress at the highest level. We did not know how to spell cryptocurrency ten years ago!! Watch for naturalhealthcallcentre.com and naturalhealthcollege.asia and glodcoin.org.